Saturday, 29 August 2015

Let's get fit!

I nearly named this post 'blogging before jogging'. Then 'bro's before hoes'. I know, its ridiculous. Someone slap me. 

I do go through a lot of phases, and in April I was determined my fitness journey wouldn't be a phase. I started using Kayla Itsines' Bikini body guide. Its a 12 week workout program dedicated to women who want to get fit, tone up and gain masses of confidence. I followed her on instagram at first and was amazed at all the before and after pictures she was sharing of these incredible women who had completely transformed their lives. Slim built girls wanting to tone up, ladies who wanted to lose some weight whilst getting fit at the same time and also men that wanted to jump on the bandwagon too! I didn't and don't need to lose a huge amount of weight but I do need to get fit and I do want to tone up. Seemed like the perfect guide for me, especially as we couldn't afford a gym membership or a few evening classes a week.

I was in a really crap place at the beginning of this year. I won't go in to it as it's all quite personal stuff that doesn't need to be shared, but a lot of stuff was getting on top of me and I couldn't put anything in to place. I usually write a list or off load to Joe or my Mum but not even these small things were making a difference. I'm not really sure how or why I managed to turn my outlook around but I feel like i'm in a much better place now and I feel like I can give it my all this time. I quit stopped after 6 weeks before and I am totally bummed about it but it just wasn't the right time or place. I'm so excited to start back up again and get the body I always have dreamt of. We are going away next year and I am desperate to wear a bikini and feel comfortable in it. So I'm excited to jot everything down here and share my fitness journey with you too.

I'm not brave enough to share my before pictures, maybe I will at the end! You can buy BBG here, or follow Kayla on instagram here. Bring on the next 12 weeks!!

Here are a few snaps from our week this week..

Char x


  1. So glad you have started again! Missed my BBG buddy. xxxx