Saturday, 24 October 2015

Being a parent is HARD

I know I am stating the obvious, but i'm feeling it more so than normal lately. I went through a phase of finding it, dare I say it, easy. I sit and think of my life with 1 child, even 2 and I definitely didn't appreciate how easy it was compared to how things are now. It isn't that Elsie is a nightmare, well... I think it's more that they are more time consuming now. I always assumed as they got older it would get easier. In actual fact it is the complete opposite. And life seems to have thrown everything at us the past few months as well as having children that REALLY need us right now.

It is just different. Different in that they need me in a different way, they need my attention for different reasons but also my emotional support. Friendships, nightmares or dealing with new situations. They really need me right now. Right at a time when I really need some space.

Quite frankly, it is HARD.

I guess what I am trying to say is SINGLE MUMS, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

Joe has been working a lot the past month, I didn't realise how much I relied on him. I think the constant me being Mum is taking its toll on us all. When it is just one person making all the rules, being the one that hurries them along to school or makes them tidy up before dinner, it becomes wearing on not only me but the kids too. I think they have learnt to block me out which means my noise levels get higher and higher the more they don't listen.


I don't want this to be a 'my life is bloody hard' post. It actually isn't when I look at the wider scale. It's just good to let it out, and I don't want to write a happy smiley post when actually i'm finding things tough.

So I feel like we have reached a new chapter of our life. The chapter that you skim through really fast to move onto the next one. It is going to be busy and stressful and amazing. It is going to test our patience, it is going to push every boundary and every limit will be reached as I embark on a 5 year journey to (hopefully) become a midwife. After going to an open day and getting just the tiniest taste of whats to come, I am so pumped! I feel like this is what I need to do, it's my calling! cringe.


And all whilst this is happening, I want to enjoy the children so much! I hate how grown up they are becoming and everyone around us is announcing pregnancies or planning the next one and i'm over here all 'JESUS CHRIST THIS TIME NEXT YEAR I WILL BE ALL ALONE AT HOME AND ALL MY BABIES WILL BE AT SCHOOL. FML.' I need to soak up the next 2 years before uni (hopefully!) and appreciate every school run, every time I sit and watch them in their swimming lesson or go and enjoy both sittings of the nativity. I need to soak it aaaalll up so I don't regret a thing.

This means PICTURES of course! Here are some of our latest festive inspired photos.


Char x

Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn Woodland Walks

One of my October goals was to take my camera with me on all dog walks. Well, dog walks on my own are pretty boring so a dog walk with the kids is camera time!

It is getting really quite nippy now, the coats are on on a daily basis and wellies are a staple for every day wear. To be fair, they were through the summer too. However, on Sunday we had no coats and it was a beautiful sunny October day so we took full advantage and headed to the woods.

95% of it was whinging from Elsie who 'caaaaan't waaaaaalk anymoooooore' and Oliver 'my feeeeeet huuuuuurt mummyyyyyy'. It was really great fun. Reeal great fun.

Char x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

20 facts!

I totally stole this idea from my sister in law over at Life with Mrs Lee. I do love reading facts about other people as I'm just so super nosey! 

20 facts about me that you may or may not know. How exciting for you...

1. My least favourite colour is pink. I don't mind it on Elsie, my daughter, but I don't own a single piece of clothing that is pink.

2. I used to think Joe, my husband, was a bit of a loser when we were teenagers.

3. I love trashy TV. Anything that makes me feel like my life is half normal is a winner for me.

4. I hate bananas. The taste, the smell, the feel of it, everything. Dis.gus.ting.

5. I am a photographer. And I still find it weird to call myself that.

6. I am starting the process of becoming a midwife. I have wanted to do it since I had Harvey and it has always been in the back of my mind since, I feel like now is so the right time to get the ball rolling and I am so scared and so so excited!

7. I love shopping. To the point its actually stupid now. But I just love it. If i was given 10 million pounds I would have no problem spending it in a day.

8. I don't have a favourite film.

9. I love gin.

10. I thrive on humour, sarcasm and wit. British humour is just the best and I won't hear any different.

11. I have eczema and have had it since I was a child. It comes and goes but flares up when I'm stressed or tired. So thats pretty much constantly!! The weather change affects my skin too and I could put on moisturiser 5 times a day and you wouldn't notice. I hate it and feel hugely self conscious about it.

12. Silver linings and all that, I rarely get spots. I couldn't tell you the last time I had one and I never had them as a teenager either.

13. I used to think I had a great memory but ever since having children I have in actual fact realised I am hugely unorganised and forget pretty much everything.

14. I dream of building our own home one day and have done since I was small. I used to draw designs in my note pad, even down to where my sofas would go. The idea that always stuck is still the same concept I would have now.

15. I get bored easily and i'm always thinking of new ideas and ways to get through each day. Be it a change in diet or career. I do wonder when the Husband will put his foot down and demand a stop to it all.

16. I really really want to bit fit and healthy but I love sweets too much and I have no time to exercise anymore. I will forever have my mum tum and scoff unhealthy treats every day at 7pm.

17. I have never taken drugs ever and I have no desire to before I die either.

18. I absolutely hate opening presents in front of people and I hate watching other people do it, its so uncomfortable and makes me cringe so bad.

19. I really really want a puppy.

20. I'm an atheist.

That was harder than I thought! 

If you are reading this and have a blog, share your facts and let me know so I can nose! Heck, I don't actually know why I am writing that seeing as no one reads this and the only people that do don't have blogs.


Char x

Monday, 5 October 2015

September Favourites

So I did write an August favourites last month and totally forgot to post it, so here are my September favourites instead! Quite love reading and watching other people's favourites posts and videos so i'm excited to share mine with you!

Lets get cracking!

Make up

I have found a new love of make up over the past 6 months. I've always enjoyed wearing make up but never really used much or knew what I was doing to be honest. I started watching stacks of tutorials on YouTube and from there my relationship with make up blossomed! (loooooser.) I have NEVER been a lipstick type either but I could now do a whole monthly favourites on lipsticks.

First up is this little sample pot of Benefit High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer. Basically a liquid highlighter for your cheeks or anywhere you want to look glowy! I got this in my Birch box last month and didn't open it for a few days, but I absolutely LOVE it and its definitely gone on my list of make up to purchase very soon. It comes with a little brush on the end of the lid that you brush onto the top of your cheek bones or brow bone after you have done all your make up. Rub it in with your ring finger and it leaves the most beautiful pinky tint glow. Its honestly so so pretty!

Next in line is a Rimmel lipstick. Number 08. It is absolutely divine. I have had it a couple of months now and its nearly run out, it really has been worn to death! Its beautiful for all seasons and you just can't go wrong with a Rimmel lippy. Its on the dark side of a pinky nude but I really can't wear anything much lighter than this so its perfect for inbetween seasons. It has a hint of brown rather than pink which for me is great, I'm really not a pink girl!

Another make up favourite has got to be this Rimmel eyeshadow primer. I have never in my life worn a primer for anything. On a whim whilst doing a feelunique order it came up on a deal so I put it in my basket not really getting that excited about it. I used it a few days after it arrived and I could not get over how much more pigmented my shadow was and how much easier it went on, AND how long it lasted too! Anyone wondering whether its worth it buying a primer, IT IS. Go buy one. I am not sure if this one is good as far as primers go but at a bargain £3.74 you can't go wrong.


We re decorated our lounge at the beginning of this year and I am slowly adding all the little bits that make it more homely. I am obsessed with copper and the colour scheme of the room is grey and white so copper goes beautifully. I bought these little tea light holders in Dunelm Mill at the end of July and I abso love them. They are so cute and the black on the outside really breaks up the white and grey too. At £3.49 each they are a steal!

I have also been loving this throw from the home range at Sainsburys. It had a 1/3 off at the beginning of August and it was reduced to £9. It is so soft and a really good size too. There is nothing worse than a blanket or throw that doesn't fully cover you up! The kids are always snuggling underneath it and the tassel ends really finish it off. I love the little bit of colour it brings to the room too.


We are a household slightly obsessed with music. If we are at home we have something blaring out of our wireless speakers and in the car the radio is always on and loud! Nothing beats a good boogie in the kitchen after dinner and this is a regular occurrence in our house. It only seemed fitting that I write down a favourite song of the month.

Jamie Lawson - I wasn't expecting that. He is the first artist to sign onto Ed Sheerans new label, Gingerbread Man Records and I absolutely loove his tone! Go have a listen, and a cry.

That is all for this month and I promise next month to be more seasonly and slightly more interesting. ;)

Char x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

October goals

Wow, just when I thought my life was mental it seems to have gone up a gear on the busy front.
I have just finished watching the whole series of PLL and I am now not neglecting my children, my house is relatively tidy and I think I can remember where the hoover lives. The whole 6 seasons done in 3 weeks? I know, i'm pretty bloody proud of myself. Life goal completed.

Studying, work, being a mum, being a wife seem to have jumped queue in front of personal photography in September. I am still finding my feet with this studying lark and now the kids are all back at school and pre school we seem to be rushing here there and everywhere and I haven't even picked up my camera ONCE for personal use since the first day of school.

So in spite of all of the above, I've decided to knock out a few October goals to motivate me back into normal life and not crazymentalbusyheadlesschicken life.

1. Take my camera out on all dog walks.
2. Video half term week.
3. Keep my nails freshly painted.
4. HAVE A BATH. Just one. One would be amazing.
5. Bake.

That wasn't so boring in my head....

Everyone bangs on about Autumn being fantastic and i'm over here all 'fuck sake it takes at least 3.5 minutes longer to get out the door with all the extra layers now' and 'wahoo heating bill' and 'my skin is dry and minging' and 'wonderful, takes even longer for my washing to dry now'. DO ONE AUTUMN, I'M NOT HAPPY THAT YOU'RE HERE AND I WANT SUMMER BACK.


Char x

Okay I do quite like the change in colour and getting away with my love for wearing dark clothes, and the evening light. But still... IT'S COLD.