Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn Woodland Walks

One of my October goals was to take my camera with me on all dog walks. Well, dog walks on my own are pretty boring so a dog walk with the kids is camera time!

It is getting really quite nippy now, the coats are on on a daily basis and wellies are a staple for every day wear. To be fair, they were through the summer too. However, on Sunday we had no coats and it was a beautiful sunny October day so we took full advantage and headed to the woods.

95% of it was whinging from Elsie who 'caaaaan't waaaaaalk anymoooooore' and Oliver 'my feeeeeet huuuuuurt mummyyyyyy'. It was really great fun. Reeal great fun.

Char x


  1. Love these! What are you using for collages? Layout is flawless! xxx

    1. Thank you deary. Blogstomp! So worth it, saves me a thousand swear words! X