Monday, 1 February 2016

We've moved!


Life as we see it has moved! To a brand spanking cool site over on wordpress. Sorry blogger, you just weren't cutting the mustard for me! 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me and Mine Project | January 2016

I am totally in love with this idea and I am all aboard the Me and Mine bandwagon this year.

I keep seeing these fly around and I read a few roundup posts of 2015 and pledged to the husband that we will join in. So a photo of the 5 (or 6.. got to include the pooch in some, right!) every month. They don't need to be fancy, there doesn't need to be loads, But 1 good photo of us as a family every single month this year. At the end of the year we should have at least 12 awesome photos of us all and we can see how much we have all changed over the year. Be it hair styles, tans and height! 

I'm so excited already for December to look back on our year with hopefully a whole load of memories and stories to tell.

So here is our first month! January 2016. My tribe! I was so excited as I ordered a remote trigger to help us out. 10 seconds to click and run to the right position was quite frankly a pain in the arse. Also means we can take multiple at one time. Ohh technology, how I love thee.

January, although terribly long, seemed to whizz by. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a January fan and welcoming February sure is a good thing in our house. As much as I love the crisp mornings, I get a bit bored of them by about the 3rd day of it. A true sun worshipper through and through I long for the summer months at this point every year. We had scheduled in to take these this weekend as Joe has been working 7 days a week and today was his first day off since the beginning of Jan. Obviously, it is pouring it down outside and not camera weather at all. Slightly gutted, we decided to improvise and take some at home. After all, we do love days at home so it does seem fitting to take them in the comfort of our lounge.

Tripod set, remote set up and I added my flash too as our lounge is quite dark especially when its so over cast outside.

We did get carried away... Out takes at the end ;)

Our Me and Mine photos of January 2016.

And of course... The out takes... ;)

The Me and Mine Project

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Small adventures | The Ordinary Moments #5

"And then I realised, adventures are the best way to learn!" - Annon.

It is Saturday afternoon, 4:30pm, and we are already back into our PJ's. Days like today are when I do most of my thinking, mainly day dreaming but also reflecting and planning. We have just come back from a beautiful walk in one of our many local woods and we made it back just in time before the sun hid behind the trees completely. The light was perfect and I spent most of our walk saying to the kids "Ohh just LOOK at this beautiful light! LOOK!!" Obviously all they were interested in was sliding down the banks, finding streams and getting wellies stuck in 3ft deep muddy bogs. We didn't stick to the path much, we found trees to climb and ponds to throw sticks in and that is enough for them to warrant it a great afternoon. Now home, it dawns on me that no matter where we are, they make it into an adventure. 

One of the things we wanted to do this year was travel more, be it in the UK or abroad. All I want for the children is to have stories to tell and memories to look back on, anything in between is a bonus. But we don't necessarily need to go far or spend money for these adventures to happen. I think we have all, at some point, felt guilty for not going to that all singing all dancing theme park or taking a trip to the zoo. Its scary to think about how much money we have actually spent on these days out that quite frankly, are forgotten in a few weeks. I am totally guilty of thinking that if it costs a lot of money, its obviously going to be an incredible life changing experience. But actually, is it? Do we really need to always do the big days out when we have so much to explore for free? And for the record, I am totally not saying no to the big days out altogether, but I am most definitely saying YES to exploring the beautiful countryside that surrounds us.

So whether its a trip to a new woods, discovering a park we haven''t been to before or re discovering an old hot spot, lets think more like our children and make an adventure out of everything!

Char x