Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to school

This time of year is a funny one for me. We spend the whole of July counting down the days to the summer holidays, blame tantrums everything on 'end-of-termitis' and vision beautiful summer days spent on the beach eating ice cream and soaking up some good ol' british Vit D. We skip out of the school gates whilst making great plans with all our Mummy friends, looking forward to mid week meet ups and grand days out.

Within what feels like days we are queuing in Clarks with 20 other caffeine fuelled parents and their bored children wondering where the 'summer' went. There was roughly 1 morning of sunshine and when we did take a trip to the beach the wind blew all the sand in our fish and chips which resulted in tears and everything thrown in the bin. The children's needs aren't being met because lets face it, no parent can keep their children occupied 24/7 for 6 weeks without going completely barmy, and the house is a state. But, through all the tears, the messy hair and the tantrums, I'm not ready for them to go back! I'm not ready for the extra work now they are a year older, I don't want to turn back into an army instructor every morning shouting orders and I certainly don't want to get dressed before 9am.

This is in actual fact the first year I haven't felt completely mental 6 weeks in. I will fully admit that last year I was so drained that I couldn't wait for September and get some normality back in our lives.  We haven't had enough dinners outside or late night movies, and we most certainly have not read enough or practiced our spellings.

My eldest is now entering Key stage 3. Oliver is no longer the smallest in the school and he'll look like a mini giant compared to the new class coming up. From next week we can apply for Elsie to start school for next September. WTF is going on? Where is my life escaping to? WHY, DO THEY KEEP GROWING?


So in true traditional form we headed to the studio and took some school photos. I am in actual fact doing their school photos in a few weeks so it was good to get my 2 done and out the way before then. To say it was hard would be an understatement. Harvey is at an age where he either flatly refuses or just pulls stupid faces that resemble the BFG. Oliver can't fake smile without looking like he's constipated and Elsie just flashes her knickers and asks when she can have the packet of sweets I promised for afterwards. Usually Joe is with me and between us we can control the brood. Not this time. Remind me next year to pay someone else to do it.

Char x

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