Saturday, 22 August 2015

Camping at Higher Moor Farm


So I feel like another reason for starting this blog is because quite frankly i'm done with the way social media and everything about it portrays motherhood. I feel like, as a parent, there is this way in which we should all conform to, rules and standards that 'they' have set. And if we don't match up to them, then we are crap parents and we haven't fulfilled our duties as a good parent. Well, f*** it. Motherhood is HARD. It tests out patience, takes us to boundaries we didn't even know we had. I want this blog to be real, honest and a genuine portrayal of how our life is a family of 5. Of course, I look at my children through rose tinted glasses and yes I do think they are utterly awesome. But I really hope that I don't portray this idyllic lifestyle as its far from that.
 Its raw, honest and wine fuelled.

We are a few days back from our camping trip and I am, touch wood, I think, recovered.
The washing is pretty much done, the suitcases are still sitting on the landing though reminding us of the fun packed weekend we had. The children made friends, we laughed a lot, we ate a lot and most of all we made awesome memories. I did also at one point march across the campsite with Oliver under one arm wailing and screaming, but lets just slide that to one side.

Higher Moor Farm is a quaint little campsite on the Juriassic Coast of Weymouth in a little village called Nottingdon. Run by the most wonderful friendly staff, set in beautiful countryside over looking fields upon fields with the odd cow and buzzard thrown in for good measure.

We arrived to torrential down pour but that didn't dampen our spirits! (I know, I know...) With a few other campers rushing over to help we were set up in minutes (who i will forever be eternally grateful to as without them it probably would have ended in divorce). We enjoyed what was on offer at the campsite during our stay and also ventured out to various hot spots. The coast is beautiful of course, but it felt different! Untouched, and quieter than we imagined for the middle of the summer holidays. It was utterly divine!

We would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Families or just couples looking for a weekend getaway, it suits everyone. The little pods that my parents stayed in were perfect for the family members who don't camp or just want a decent nights sleep instead. The question is would we actually go back when there is so much of our beautiful country to explore still? I do like to think that we will...

You can see our trip in video form over on my YouTube channel! Would love for you to check it out!


  1. How beautiful are these photos? You take such amazing shots. It looks like camping was lots of fun, the bit I hate the most is coming home afterwards and having to deal with kids out of routine and also all the washing- yuck!

    1. Ahh thank you Katie, I aaaalways think the same about yours! Such beauitful girls. And yes, the washing is the worst part for sure. I promised myself I would do a few loads whilst there but never got round to it!! Kicking myself afterwards! X

  2. Gorgeous photos, it looks like such a fab time. I absolutely love you for that intro too!

    1. Ahh thank you! We did have a great time! :)