Thursday, 7 January 2016

January Blues

Truth be told I am feeling it. I am unmotivated, slobby, lazy and I want to eat everything naughty.
I don't feel like I can pick up my course again, I am totally over it and I want to be a stay at home mum forever and I don't want to put my brain through it.
I want to be toned and skinny but I can't be bothered to work out.
I want to photograph more babies but I can't be bothered to seek them.
I want to photograph the children more but I am bored of our surroundings.
I want to stop writing this post but I want to share some snaps that I did find the energy to take... ;)

I know deep down I am being over dramatic and i will just get over it, but i'm in a little bubble of feeling sorry for myself and I am going to stay here until I am ready to pop it. That will probably be February. You have been warned.

I know its because of the darker mornings, the constant rain, the need for some sun Vs. the desperation for snow and sledging. Which brings me on to some exciting news that really should be popping this bubble! Our first 'proper' family holiday is booked. Proper as in going on a plane and when we arrive we can scoff whatever we want and lounge by the pool. I have been so so desperate to take the children abroad and for whatever reason it has never worked out (mainly the cost!!). It is also a complete nightmare trying to find family rooms that cater for 2 adults and 3 children, which has put us off previously too. We have done lots of camping trips, Center Parcs and Euro Camp which have all been amazing fun but this is the cherry on the top for holidays. 

We have found a beautiful hotel in Kos, Greece and praise the lord we are all in one room! Perfection! Sun, cocktails, the beach, family, cousins. So a middle finger to this rain, a middle finger to my bank balance and a thumbs up to a summer holiday with some of my favourite people!

We have been enjoying some downtime this week in the lead up to back to school, here are a few snaps of one of my favourite times of the day. Bath time!

Char x

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  1. And yet such gorgeous photos regardless of you not feeling inspired! Boo to January blues! The Rawlesy mojo will be back... This I know. xxx

    1. Thank you, my ever supportive chum. I need a kick up the back side and i'll be fine! X

  2. January is a notoriously crap time to feel mojo for anything. You'll be back on it soon AND with that holiday to look forward to you'll be flying soon. Love that first picture of bubbly feet. So cute. Keep up the moody black and white for as long as you need. Xx

    1. I forget how much I hate January! Thanks love, I'm sure my photography gets moodier by the week!! ;)

  3. Here's hoping your bubble has popped. Bath time pics are always such fun. Love them. #farlieframes

  4. Those photos are beautiful! :) It's strange why we try and change our lives in January even though it's cold, miserable and there is no mojo to be had!