Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 Goals | The Ordinary Moments #1

I have just had a flick back to previous years goals and had a little chuckle at them. 2012 and 2013 both had 'be more creative with photography' and I think that ticked off in those 2 years, especially for 2014. I also had 'spend more time just us 5' in 2014. This hasn't happened in 2015 at all.

So here are my new and revised goals for 2016.

Travel more. Even just in England. I want to see more, experience more and I want the children to see endless opportunities that lay ahead of them. I want to be spontaneous, lets grab the tent and go one weekend!
Craft more. Be it sewing, photography, anything. Just craft.
Not set my Expectations so high. Of myself, of an event, of somebody else. What will be will be and thats okay.
Bake. I can't even type more after that. Just bake!
Prioritise myself. In the sense of my skin and body. Take vitamins, look after my skin and look after my health. I feel like I have completely gone full circle this year with looking after myself and currently feeling like an unhealthy slob so this year I will take control and look after myself, after all we only have the skin we're in, one set of lungs and one body. We should really look after it all.
Get fit and frigging well stay fit. This goes along side the above goal too. Every year I say it, I dip in and out of exercise more than I do hot baths but this year I really want to change that. I want it to become part of my lifestyle and not just an added extra every now and then. We have a holiday to work towards so that will be my first target, I want to do a couple of mud runs and really push myself in the second half of 2016.

I feel like although 2015 hasn't been our best year, it has made us hugely appreciate what we have and we'll make sure 2016 is kinder, calmer and we feel more confident as the new year begins.

We both also have a few work goals, Joe wants to expand more online, I want to be more confident in seeking out bookings and get more involved in our local community of small businesses. Make contacts and network much more. I also want to complete my Access to High Ed course by the Summer which will then kick start my Uni application in September. Elsie starts school in 2016 and I am feeling completely okay with it. 3rd time around I know exactly what to expect and she is so beyond ready, far more than I thought the boys were. She'll completely smash it.

I hope that your 2016 treats you well,

Also going to try so hard to link up weekly with the lovely Katie over at MummyDaddyMe. I love the idea of capturing the ordinary, something I do strongly believe will be what I miss when they are coming through the door and heading straight upstairs to their dens! So here is the first week, A few snaps from our stay at Marwell Zoo, it poured the whole weekend so I didn't even take my camera into the zoo, so just a few from in the hotel room.

Char x


  1. I think these are perfect goals for you and they are all achievable! I want to travel more this year also. I'm also definitely up for a mud run, let's book one in!! Also bloody loooove the photo of your three on the bed! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, I hope so!! Yes lets do it!! We should get Joe and Josh to do it with us too, will be so fun! xx

  2. Ah what gorgeous children you have lovely and I love seeing three children families as it gives me a peek into my own. Hope you enjoyed the hotel room floor while they were trying to sleep. ;) You take the most gorgeous photos and I would love to have you join in more this year, it would be a delight to see them. x

    1. Ahhh thank you Katie! 3 is definitely a challenge, but so so amazing! You'll nail it! X