Monday, 25 January 2016

Black & White | Ordinary Moments #4

I said to myself a lot last year that I needed to set myself some projects. I wrote a list of the subjects I want to photograph, I wanted to push myself a bit more and start looking at things more creatively rather than always going by the rules. So here is my attempt of picking this back up and completing my list!

My list was/is - 

Black & White
Negative space
From the hip
At night

Quite varied, but all doable with a challenge too. So I have started the year off with black & white.
I shared these on my business blog but I enjoyed doing these so much that I wanted to share them here too! We went into my studio one afternoon after school and took snacks and a change of clothes, and after a bit of bribery and a 7 year old having a meltdown because "Everytime I look at the camera I have to smile, and you're saying I can't smile!!" we eventually got there and the look I was going for was achieved. I am really eager to photograph more children this age and capturing their raw natural beauty, no strings attached and definitely no cheese in there either. 

So here is my black and white project, I am super excited for my next subject of negative space.

Char x

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  1. These are just absolutely stunning. I absolutely love you linking up to the ordinary moments because I adore seeing your photography, my passion is definitely photos and I love finding a blog where I just can't stop looking at the images. I love the negative space in these too. x

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures! What a great result for your first challenge. I cant wait to see what your negative space ones look like too, although these have got some great negative space in these too :-). Emily #MarvMondays