Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Activity List

In previous years me and the children have written a mini bucket list over the holidays. We did one for Easter last year and they absolutely loved crossing things off and deciding what to do the next day. So after seeing my sister in law's Christmas bucket list we decided to do our own too!

We adore this time of year and I'm adamant that the lead up will be as stress free as possible. So here is our do-able bucket list for the festive period.

- Bake gingerbread biscuits
- Visit Father Christmas at the garden centre
- Go to the farm
- Have a movie night with popcorn (duvets downstairs included!!)
- Make some treats to give to neighbours and friends
- Make Christmas cards for family
- Go to Panto!
- Make a dried orange garland
- Make toffee apples
- Take some family Christmas pictures
- Video the Christmas week(s)
Oliver also wants to add on go to the Zoo but that is highly unlikely!!

The baking side of things is the main thing I struggle with. I don't 'do' baking with all 3 kids at the same time because I find it unbearably stressful! Joe is the complete opposite and loves it so I am determined to banish all the fears and get baking with them this holidays!

We will no doubt add to it as we go along too!

Be sure to check back on my youtube channel in a few weeks for our videos.

Char x

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