Wednesday, 11 November 2015

October Favourites

October literally whizzed by, I can't believe we are in November now and the countdown to Christmas is officially ON! I am usually quite hyped about Christmas but last year I just wasn't feeling it, and this year I am pretty much the same so far. I actually find it a huge effort! We are really calming down this year on presents for the kids. We spend so much money to then spend the rest of the year moaning about the extent of toys in the house that never get played with and end up de cluttering on a 6 monthly basis.

Anyway, October is always a difficult one skin wise for me. It is right in the changing weather period and my skin really doesn't cope well with change. I have to take extra care through October and November and really treat my skin, especially on my face.

Which brings me to my first favourite this month.

Skin care

Body shop Drops of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask

I have had this since the summer but I haven't truly appreciated it until recently. This stuff is literally amazing. It says its a mask but as my skin is so so dry I use it like a moisturiser, sometimes twice a day! It has a real clingy bouncy feel which I think some people probably wouldn't like, but I love it and it sinks into my skin so nicely giving me a great base for my make up or a real nourishing feel through the night. If you suffer with dry skin at this time of year it is a MUST HAVE!!

Body shop / £22

I have also been loving the dead sea spa magik range. I discovered this range in Tesco as our local store expanded their beauty and skin care section to mammoth size and now have a real good selection of all things beauty. I was dubious as I have tried sooo many day to day moisturisers but this one really does beat all. I use the rich moisturiser which is £8.20 on feelunique and it is so soft and lasts most of the day!

I haven't been loving anything particularly different in the way of make up in October so I am skipping straight to clothing!


I have got into a real rut recently with outfits so after a trip to Primark to spruce up my autumn wardrobe I was quite excited and really loving the autumn colours and layers.

I got a couple of ribbed turtle neck tops, one in burgundy and one in black and I have been pairing them with either black skinnies or denim jeans and an oversized poncho or cardi.

I also got a couple of baggy v-neck tops, long sleeved and super soft. One in khaki and I went back again and got another one in a burnt orangy/cranberry colour as I loved them so much. They have an ever so slight bat wing and a seam down the front, perfect for hiding those extra few lbs I have put on recently!!!

Another piece I have been loving, also from Primark, is my tartan scarf. I have pretty much worn it every day and it goes with so much of my A/W wardrobe! At just £5 you really can't go wrong and it turns a boring outfit into something a bit more colourful! It is really soft and more of a blanket scarf so its really wide, and snuggly!


I have been loving stocking up on little Christmas bits this month too and I recently got these copper ball fairy lights from Sainsbury's. I am a sucker for fairy lights and I do love them around the house all year round, so I have put them around the fireplace already! They look so pretty in the evening and the kids think its super cosy to have them on. They especially love the patterns it makes on the walls!

You can pick them up for £12 in their Christmas section

And I am going to end on a bit of a random favourite.


Okay, so I haven't actually been in a store yet but we decided to make the change a month or two ago and Joe does the weekly food shop (reason 7357 why I love him.) and we both can't get over how much of a saving we are making. What usually would be a good food shop in Sainsburys for about £70-£100 is now nearer £60-£80, or less, which really isn't bad for a household of 5! The only thing we don't like so far is the sausages, and the onions have been going off quicker than usual too. But other than that, I am total Aldi convert! Wahoo!

Char x

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